Reality Check

Having a moment of self-hatred about how self-absorbed I’ve been getting these past few weeks. I’ve been being treated like a child, so I’ve responded by acting and thinking like a child, but I should do better. I’m ashamed of complaining about food when there are people that are literally starving in this city.
Yes, my schoolwork is stressful and often just for show, and I have every right to resent the way this program is run when it could use fewer resources and have better results – but I am essentially getting paid to go to class at one of the most elite universities in the country while little kids have to drop out of public school because they can’t afford the fees and uniforms.
I’m not saying I should be walking around with a huge, crippling case of first world guilt, but I do need a serious reality check, and I do need to focus more on how I can use this education to actually try and make a difference in peoples’ lives.
So, let this stand as my formal, public apology.
Three more days and my class is over. I will do my best to grow up between now and then.