Bloke Metges update

More details about the Bloke Metges eviction:

(via old friends from Euskadi and Catalunya who I ran into on the street in Berkeley, proving that this is, indeed, a small world.)
Cooking up free pizza in the wood-burning oven at Metges, 2002

I was pleased to hear that it took hours for the police to get into the building, partly because the door was well barricaded, and partly because a crowd of neighbors gathered in the street and tried to prevent the police from approaching the building.
When the police finally did break their way in, they blocked the windows so people outside couldn't see what was happening, then beat up everyone who was inside.  On a slightly better note, nobody was hospitalized, or arrested. 
Two days later, the building was temporarily reoccupied to host a farewell party in the pizzeria and cafe located on the ground floor.