I thought I should post...something.I spend too much time behind this machine these days. 2 more weeks of class...it's hard to believe.

I'm trying to find some kind of balance between getting too caught up in plans for the summer and neglecting work, and getting too caught up in work and neglecting plans for the summer.

This time back in Berkeley, between a trip to Thailand and Burma and a trip to the Philippines and Indonesia is feeling like quite the strange interlude. I've had to go directly from the aspects of being in the field I love the most -- new places, new friends, new insight into how things really function in this crazy world, perhaps even some small hope of writing something that will make a few people think seriously about something they never thought to care about before -- to the aspects of grad school I hate the most -- paper's I don't want to write about things I don't think are important, tests, stress and gossip. It just doesn't seem real.

I'm wondering whether I'll be able to make it through two more years.