Philippines uli

Rice Terrace

Mountain Province, Luzon, Summer 2006

I finally have a confirmed ticket to and from the Philippines this summer. Philippine Airlines certainly made me sweat a bit (I didn't know until this morning whether I had to be ready to leave on Sunday) but in the end, I got exactly the itinerary I wanted -- not bad for an (almost) free ticket.

I should be in Mindanao for June -- Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and maybe a brief visit to Zamboanga. Early July in Jakarta, Bandung and maybe Jogjya, back to Manila for the International Conference on Philippine Studies, and then two weeks to do whatever seems most useful/interesting (probably archival research. sigh. I remember when I had other definitions for 'interesting'). And then...back to grad school.

Get in touch if you're going to be in or near any of these places! (Except grad school, which I don't want to hear about.)

In tangentially related news, Philippine human rights monitor Karapatan has just released their human rights report for the first quarter of this year, documenting 96 reported cases of severe human rights violations between January and March, including 13 extrajudicial executions. The report, unfortunately, does not seem to be available online, though I have a pdf I'm happy to pass on. The Inquirer has a summary here, but note they count violations by number of 'incidents' rather than number of victims.