Redadas de la Migra en Berkeley

Demonstrator, May Day parade for immigrants' rights

Less than an hour ago, I got a text message from a friend saying
there were immigration raids happening in Berkeley -- one on a residential street, and one near one of the busiest intersections in town (University and San Pablo).
By the time I grabbed my camera, got shoes on and biked over, there wasn't a trace. Business as usual.

That fast. It happens that fast.

[I'm still trying to figure out exactly what happened. I trust the chain of communication by which I received this message, but I can't yet get to the bottom of it]

UPDATE: So, there was definitely at least one raid in Berkeley in which 4 family members were arrested in their home, and another in Oakland. The migra has not yet been able to get away with arresting parents when they take their children to school, but they've been making their presence felt around local highschools.

Welcome to election year. This is particularly sad after seeing so many proud, beautiful people marching for immigrants' rights last Thursday.