Daily News

-- I wrote this on the 2nd, but couldn't post until now --

A round-up of news from today's local papers, just to give some context on what this place is like:

  • Rice prices up 10 pesos per kilo in the last week, hitting record highs of 50 pesos in some municipalities. Panic ensuing.
  • Writ of habeus corpus filed on behalf of broadcaster Lex Adonis, after a Davao prison warden refused to release him despite a court order. (Adonis is accused of making unflattering remarks about a local power broker)
  • Update on 255 farmers and their families who have taken refuge in a local gymnasium after fleeing from military operations in Compostela Valley
  • Local government officials in say they don't know anything about the MILF peace process beyond what they "read in the papers and hear from our constituents."
  • Update on Zamboanga businessman kidnapped my suspected Abu Sayyaf militants.
  • The military claiming MILF factions are behind a deadly bombing at an airbase in Zamboanga.
  • Still no word on who's behind sabotage of power lines.
  • Various murders, and helpful advice from vice-Mayor Sara Duterte that pubs and restuarants should "hire more security" promises to look into laws to require frisking all patrons.
  • Proposed fare hikes for public transportation, to make up for increased fuel prices.

Oh...and a local girl won Miss Teen Philippines!

I <3 the Philippines.