Juana Change

I've been a bit out of the Philippines loop this past month, so I just now heard about Juana Change's Youtube channel, which is making a huge splash in the Philippines right now (thanks Noah) -- the Youtube view counts may not be all that high, but the videos have been replayed on major news networks. The videos, four so far, are in heavy Taglish, and probably make no sense without translation and explanation of specific cultural references. (Someone should get on this, and it is NOT gonna be me, I already have WAY too much on my plate as it is). But trust me, they're hilarious.

The video below, for example, tackles Charter Change, known as Cha-Cha -- attempts by politicians to change the current constitution (which was put into place following the popular uprising that overthrew the dictator Ferdinand Marcos). Among other things, Cha-Cha might make it possible to extend much-reviled current President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's term beyond 2010 (the current constitutional limit) and is widely viewed as a power grab by Arroyo and her political allies.

Juana Change takes on corruption, power grabs, brain drain, political assassinations and much more in just a few minutes, and calls on viewers to reengage with politics.

Even if you don't get the language or the political context, I still think it's a powerful example of how social media and satire can be used to send a political message to a wide audience.