More slideshows from Egypt

Grad school insanity (in my case) and general Egyptian turmoil (in Hossam's) have kept us from making much progress on the Tax Collectors' strike project.  My spring break is coming up, though, so there's reason to hope it'll be finished by the end of the month. In the meantime, a few more slideshows are subtitled and up on vimeo.

Strike leader Kamal Abu Eita, a long-time activist, explains how his record as a student activist kept him from his planned career, and how he has kept his activism alive while working as a tax collector:

Kamal Abu Eita explains that unlike previous strikes in Egypt, which were confined to a single workplace, the tax collectors' strike drew workers from offices all across Egypt:

This short clip illustrates unity between Muslim and Coptic Christian strikers. The recent wave of labor activism in Egypt has been marked by cooperation between Muslims and Copts, belying the popular myth of irresolvable communal conflict:

Abdel Qader Nada on life on the picket line:

I'm hoping to work next on interviews with Mervat Qasim Helal Mohammed, one of the many women instrumental in planning and conducting the strike. Not only is she one hell of a character, but I think stories like hers help counter the media trope of "veiled Muslim woman as passive victim."

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