More on the Subic Bay Rape Case: "Nicole" recants

In the latest twist of the Subic Bay Rape case, "Nicole," the (pseudonym of the) Filipina whose accusation led to US Marine Daniel Smith's rape conviction, has recanted her testimony and relocated to the United States. Nicole has been through three years of absolute hell -- from the incident itself, to the trial, the media circus, and vicious attacks on her character from all sides -- and I don't think I have any right to comment on her decision to recant. The only thing I can say is, 'of course.'

Of course it would end this way.

The Philippine Supreme Court has ruled that Smith must be returned to Philippine custody. The U.S. has steadfastly refused to comply. The Visiting Forces Agreement is being seriously challenged, with both sides of the debate marshaling up in force.

Both the US and the Philippine governments desperately need a way for this case to disappear without having to publicly back down. And then there's this one woman, who just wants to live the rest of her life in peace (preferably in the U.S.) who has the power to make it all go away...