Evening in Jakarta

Another shot from my balcony. (Sorry for all the snapshots, but I can only upload very low-res images without breaking the internet, so I'm saving the good stuff until I locate the magic connection.)Evening in Jakarta

Two things of note: The azhan, the call to prayer, rings out five times a day. I actually find I rather like it --I live close to a large mosque (see the minaret?), with a talented muezzin. What I find hilarious, though, is the lackadaisical attitude towards time here. Unlike some places, where the call to prayer swells up simultaneously from all directions, here the mosques start one at a time, staggering their calls based on some unfathomable personal calculation.

Also, check out the helipads on the nearby tower blocks. It's pretty common here, not just for businesses, but also for luxury residences. Extravagent, yes, and extremely bad for the environment. But perhaps not an entirely unreasonable response to the city's hellish traffic. Though I, myself, am more of a motorcycle taxi kind of girl.

For those interested in my new incarnation as an arts and entertainment reporter, here are two stories that ran in the Jakarta Post today: one (as promised) on the Pussycat Dolls concert, and one a review of a flamenco performance. Enjoy.