Sunda Kelapa

Sunda KelapaJakarta's 800-year-old port. Still a working cargo port, Sunda Kelapa only allows piring, traditional two-masted sailing ships.

Sunda Kelapa Cargo is still loaded manually. Interestingly (though not terribly surprisingly) most of the workers in the port and on the ships are Bugis -- the seafaring ethnic group that earned notoriety in the English language as "Bogeymen."

Sunda Kelapa I felt a bit bad actually. Sunda Kelapa is a big tourist attraction (by Jakarta standards, at least), but the people in the harbor have nothing to do with the tourist industry. They're just putting in a very, very hard day's work, and have to deal with dozens of cameras trained on them. Granted, this is not their biggest problem, by a long shot. But I still felt like I should hang back much more than I usually would, and it shows in the photos. I'm not too worried though -- if I missed anything, I can always buy a post card. Sunda Kelapa