Interest rate cartoon

Since it's come to my attention that I haven't posted anything in a while, it seems time to confess to my secret double life as a stick-figure artiste. Take a look at this cartoon I drew for my lovely friend Farah's blog Rebel Economy.

Sadly, I have just about reached the outer limits of my artistic abilities, but I'm still interested in exploring ways explain economic concepts in fun, simple ways. Too often, I think both financial institutions and the journalists who are supposed to be monitoring them rely too heavily on jargon and technical terms. While this language can be a useful shorthand for people "in the know," it alienates ordinary people, giving them the impression that economic news--often events or decisions that will have a huge effect on everybody living in a society--is only relevant for and accessible to specialists.

(Also, to be frank, I get the impression that a lot of the journalists covering economic news, in Egypt at least, don't really understand it very well themselves. This results in coverage that consists of doing little more than regurgitating press releases, instead of interpreting, simplifying, explaining or challenging statements from ministries and banks.)

To that end, I drew a series of these cartoons on monetary policy (available by special request), and am planning to do more (which will end up on Rebel Economy or here).