Business and the Economy

Long Hot Summer

(Business Monthly, April 2013) As the mercury starts to climb, Egyptian households and businesses are bracing for power cuts expected to be even longer and more widespread than last year’s rolling blackouts. On the bright side, the crisis may finally force conservation among CEOs and shopkeepers alike and spur much-needed changes to Egypt’s energy policy. (pdf)

The Bottom Line

(Business Monthly, March 2013) Egypt has faced hard times before. But in the wake of a revolution, a global recession and an ever-expanding number of young people searching for jobs, the nation is struggling with unprecedented economic challenges. Can the Central Bank help steer the nation to solvency? (pdf / web, without my infographics.)

Natural Gas Dilemma Forces Egypt to Import

(Business Monthly, February 2013) Buy low, sell high. It’s the most basic principle of a market economy, understood by shareholders and street vendors alike. So why has Egypt, which has signed deals to export natural gas to other nations for as low as $1.25 per million B.T.U.s, recently announced plans to import natural gas for as much as $14 per million B.T.U.s? (pdf / web)

Looking to the East

(Business Monthly, Nov. 2012) President Morsi is courting increased trade and investment from Beijing, setting off alarm bells in the United States. Could a strengthened friendship with China reduce Egypt’s dependence on the West? (pdf / web, without my photographs)